Bird Watching In Rwanda

Are you a bad lover, Akagera national park in Rwanda is one of the best places to go bird watching though there are other parks which are blessed with beautiful birds which you can watch in case you are in Rwanda and they include Nyungwe Forest National Park, Volcanoes National Park? Birding in Akagera National Park is interesting due to too many colorful bird species over 700 which are found on every tree species in the park which attracts more tourists. The birds can also be sight in the swamps, bushes and wetlands. Bird watching in the Rwanda national parks gives you opportunity to view the 27 Albertine rift endemics because its easy and not tiresome especially if you go early morning when they are still in their nests and evening hours when they have come back to rest giving you life time experience. Therefore, bird watching needs hiking to the top to see birds which stay there or which have gone to look for food.

When to go for bird watching.

Bird watching in Rwanda can be done all year round so no specific time for birding activity though trained tour guides say that December to February are the months of the migrant birds to come in the parks in Rwanda especially the wintering and the palearctic migrants. Therefore, due to the recognition of the bird watching activity, Rwanda has constructed good roads, renovated Kigali international airport and the trails leading to the bird watching sites.

Places to go for bird watching in Rwanda.

Volcanoes National Park: This park has over 165 bird species of which 17 are endemic although it is recognized for mountain gorillas. Volcanoes national park also has mountains where birds gather for viewing and even the mountain gorillas are seen there such as the Muhavura, Bisoke, Gahinga and the Karisimbi mountains.

Nyungwe Forest National Park: The park is ranked the most best birding site in Rwanda due to a large number of beautiful birds it hosts. Nyungwe forest hosts different bird species like the handsome spur fowl, regal sunbird, blue headed sunbird, Rwenzori batis, grouser swamp warbler, Rwenzori turaco, red collared babbler plus the Albertine owlet.

Akagera National Park: The park is situated in the north eastern part of is blessed with chunk savannah, acacia and the rolling grassland interspersed with broad leaves. Akagera has over 525 bird species including the souse’s shrike, white collared olive back, red faced barbet and the ruaha chart but some of the birds hide in the papyrus wetlands and lakes in Akagera national park.

Where to stay in Rwanda on bird watching safari.

Ruzizi tented lodge: This lodge is found in Akagera national park, it has professional staffs who give luxury services to the clients since it’s a luxury lodge. The lodge provide you with a campsite space for tourists to set their resting place during night. They provide you with fire for lighting the place, giving you warmth and protection from wildlife. You can be provided with rangers who escort you during evening bush walks, night and day game drives. Ruzizi tented lodge has a balcony which gives you a clear sight of the lhema lake and view of the beautiful bird species.

Lake kivu serena hotel: This park is located in has well trained staffs providing the best services to its provides you with campsite area for travelers who prefer camping. They give you fire for lighting up at night, warmth and protection against includes a trained game ranger who takes you for night and day game drives plus evening bush walks. You can also view the colorful bird species while at the lodge’s balcony and sometimes if lucky enough you can experience the mountain gorillas trekking. The place is surrounded with a swimming pool where travelers go swimming during their leisure time.

Magashi camp: Magashi camp is situated in Akagera national park, they provide classic safaris which makes all travelers happy and healthy during the stay at this also gives you space for camping during night, provide fire for warmth and protection against the wildlife at night. Its balcony gives you a stunning view of the colorful bird species and also the big game and experience life in the wilderness. Magashi camp hotel offers you a wonderful sight of the uninterrupted view of lake Rwanyakazinga.

Kigali serena hotel: This hotel is a luxury one found in Kigali the capital of Rwanda with professional staffs giving you great luxury services because of being a luxury hotel. The hotel has a camp site where travelers put their tents at night for resting providing for them fire for light, warmth and protection. Kigali serena hotels offers you a wonderful view of lake kivu and the beautiful bird species. This hotel consists of a swimming pool which travelers use for swimming during their leisure time. Kigali being the capital city has a lot of cultural entertaining performances done there like the cultural dances, songs poems and many others and also you can have a visit to the Rwanda museum, Kigali genocide memorial ground and the Namirembe women’s center.

The retreat hotel: it is situated in Rwanda and has well trained staff who give you services at its earlier noted from all Rwanda hotels this one also has a camping site where travelers put their tents during night and rest there. They provide them with camping fire which gives them warmth and protection from the wild animals at night. Its balcony offers them a clear sight of the lake kivu and sight of the colorful bird species around the park. This hotel has a swimming pool which tourists use during their stay and a gym they use after the tiresome bird watching activity.

Therefore, bird watching is an adventurous safari activity you shouldn’t miss out on your safari in Rwanda due to the melodious and colorful bird species Rwanda has which are in large number attracting more tourists every now and then in almost all its national parks.

If you are a bird lover planning a birding safari Africa, Rwanda is one of the great safari destination you need to consider while planning African Safari, for more information about bird watching in Uganda, c to speak directly to our reservations team.

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