Car Rental Policies

Car Rental Policies : At Jeisking tours ltd we have organized car rental policies that are maintained and convenient to both our staff and clients. We are a known car rental company offering car rental services and we are registered by the ministry of tourism and we can give you the best services while in Uganda. We also have well experienced drivers holding a valid driving permit.

Here are some of the car rental policies we follow at Jeisking tours ltd;

Maximum and minimum age to rent a car

Age is a major factor while renting a car. The minimum age for renting a car at car rentals is 18 years and the maximum age for renting a car is 75 years. A person is considered an adult at the stated age range above and is fine at decision making while on the road. Car rental policies also consider the physical status of the person renting the car and the vision.


Our clients are advised to at least deposit 30% on the rented car to the bank account or bring it directly to our offices if possible. This shows that you have confirmed renting the car and you are serious.

Drivers license

You have to be with a valid drivers license while coming to rent a shows that you have the knowledge of a certain type of a carry your valid driving license mostly if you want to rent a car on a self drive.

Late returns

Car rental time begins at 7am and ends at 6am to those renting a car for a day. If you go beyond that time, you pay some extra costs. This policy gives our drivers moral to work with integrity and hard since they are not working overtime. You have to inform the reservation team in time if you are to go beyond the stipulated time to avoid, they would have been the outcomes regarding time.

Exceeding the agreed time when renting a car may happen due to the interruption in program by weather condition, bad roads, accidents and other inconveniences. Therefore, we can give you extra 2 hours minus charging you if you are on daily rental program and if you are on monthly or corporate car rentals, we give you only 1 day to return the car.

Car rental cancellations

Car rental cancellation is based on the agreed time frame. For daily car rentals 100% is returned before midday, beyond afternoon its 50%, evenings and nights are 0% refund. Those who rent a car weekly are advised to cancel their booking 1 week before the trip date and monthly clients are also advised to cancel a month before the safari.

Extending your car rental

Car rental extension can be done beyond the agreed rental time. You have to inform the booking office in time so that to organize the extension. Extensions are available to all car rental types whether daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Border crossings

Vehicles crossing to other countries have to be with current documents and clearance forms from the office before crossing the border. You have to be well conversant with about the country you’re crossing to especially when on a self drive. whether driving is on left or right a and know the roads. There is clearance fee at the border and it depends on the country heading to.

Fuel options on rental car

Car rental offers you options of filling the car or not filling it depending on your desires and interests. During filling, we base on the price and distance of travel. If you want to fill it on your own it’s also welcomed and you have to return the car with some fuel. It is not advised to return the vehicle when the fuel tank is empty.

Accidents with a rental car

All the rental cars in Uganda have car rental services like car insurance which covers both the clients property, life and the vehicle since we just meet accidents in life.

If are you planning to rent a car this season, just reach us on or call us directly on +256-775630809 or +256-701343598  to speak directly to our reservations team.

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