East African Visa / Ugandan Visa

East African Visa / Ugandan Visa

The East African visa is a permit allowing entrants from other countries to enter the East African countries without any inconvenience which include Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda. The East African visa costs $100, serves for a period of 90 days and can not be extended. You can get a single country visa at a cost of $50 online or from border crossings minus applying it in advance.

The east African tourist visa came into existence in 2014 after presidents of Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda sitting down, discuss and finally came to this agreement. The single visa system helped countries to develop diplomatic relations though South Sudan, Burundi and Tanzania refused to join the system.

The East African Tourist Visa, (Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya)

How to apply for the east African visa.

Get the application form online from the country’s web site fill in then submit it for approval. It is advisable to get it in advance though you can also get it on arrival at the airport but it is easier and safer if applied for from Rwanda.

Requirements needed when applying for the east African tourist visa.

When filling the online forms, you have to upload the scanned copies of colored passport photo which has no head scarves, caps, glasses, white background and veils. Upload also a proof letter showing that you can support yourself financially for the entire safari period.

You have to upload the detailed itinerary and the return air ticket recording the entry and the exit date which leads to the minimization of the illegal migration.so all people from the three east African countries are able to move freely as long as they have national cards which became a law in 2014.

Acquiring east African visa in Uganda.

You can apply online the east African visa in Uganda before arriving at Entebbe international airport or from the boarder points if you have all the necessary documents. When coming to Uganda only you have to be with a Uganda visa which costs only $50 and even don’t forget to show up with a yellow fever vaccination card. You can also visit the Uganda embassy or the official web page.

How to acquire the east African tourist visa in Kenya.

You can acquire the east African visa in Kenya on arrival but its better to get it online on the Kenya online visa application portal because the process may be long on arrival. Kenya receives many travelers at the airport which may cause some inconveniences like delays, misplacement of some documents and many. others. You can also get it at the Kenyan embassy.

How to acquire the east African tourist visa in Rwanda.

Unlike the two east African countries, Rwanda doesn’t issue visas on arrival. You can only get it through their website Rwanda online visa application system. Visit Rwanda embassy in your countries for more information and for quick approvals.

Some important information about east African tourist visa.

Processing the east African visa takes one to full week in case applied online if approved then print it from the system and move along with it and present it to the immigration at the airport.

You can’t apply the east African visa in a group or family its only acquired on an individual basis.

The east African visa is got at a cost of $100 and you can pay online through the use of a visa card, MasterCard and other credit cards.in addition to that the visa fees are not refundable.

The east African visa needs the glued attached photo of the traveler not the stamped one on the application form. The visa is valid for 90 days and you can not use it to look for jobs therefore if out of the three African countries it is invalid.

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