Gulu City

Gulu city

Gulu city is situated in the northern part of is bordered by many districts like Nwoya district in the south west region, Amuru district in the west, Pader district in the east and also Lamwo district. Gulu city is approximately 342 kilometers from Kampala by road.

Gulu district which is currently transformed to a city is one of the districts which were badly hit by the fight between UPDF and the lord’s resistance army. The fight left many people displaced but currently most of them have returned to their home villages meaning security is devised and good.

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Gulu city

Gulu city is developing at a very high-speed making them to forget the painful scars the fight imparted on their hearts. There is an increment in the infrastructural development like the building of hotels, schools, hospitals, banks and good road network.

Gulu city has the second largest airport in Uganda managed by Uganda civil aviation authority hence a great sign of development. The city also has a memorial stadium basically for local matches and thousands of people gather there to watch and also leisure purposes.

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