Mountain Elgon National Park

Mountain Elgon National Park

The beautiful Mountain Elgon national park is situated just 342 km east of Kampala capital city, it was named after the extinct shield volcano, and the park covers an area of 1,279 square km. It is important to note that this protected area is shared between Uganda & Kenya how the pearl of Africa takes up the largest portion of Mountain. Mount Elgon national park features two ethnic tribes namely; the Bagishu & Sabiny expect to encounter with some of the most unique vegetation zones when you visit the park.  Many adventure seekers and nature lovers visit the park for chance to conquer the highest peak on Mountain Elgon; famously the Wagagai Peak which stands at an elevation of 4321 meters.

Wildlife in Mountain Elgon national Park

The park is home to number of stunning wild animals that include; buffaloes, small antelope species, duiker, leopards, spotted hyenas plus primates like the black-and-white colobus monkey, blue monkey, red-tailed monkey and many others. Of the 144 colorful bird species recorded here, expect to sight exciting species like; the Hartlaub turaco, Tacazze sunbird, Jackson’s spur fowl, eastern bronze-naped pigeon are the most sought after birds on the mountain.

Attractions in Mount Elgon National Park

Forest exploration center

The forest is located just 13 kilometers away from Sipi town is the Elgon forest exploration center, it is a school education center and starting point for mountain climbers using the Sipi trail.


The lava and erosion of soft volcanic deposits led to the formation of numerous caves on the foot hills of Mountain Elgon. Kapkwai cave, Khauka cave are good exploration sites while the Hunter’s Siyo, Mude & Tutum caves are all located on the mountain and used as resting and camping spots for climbers.

Jackson’s pool & Peak

This is a natural pool with shallow waters, it stands at a height of 4,050 meter and sits under the shadow of the 4,165 high Jackson peak which rises from the western side of the Elgon Mountain.

Elgon Peaks

The mountain has fascinating 4 peaks namely Wagagai peak (4321 km), Sudek (4303 km), Koitobos (4222 km) and Muyibi (4210 km) have attracted may people to visit the park.

Other attractions or areas of interest in the park include; the caldera, hot springs, Nkokonjeru ridge while Sipi falls, tewei hill, Pian-upe reserve and Nyero rock paintings which are all situated a few kilometers outside Mount Elgon park.

Activities in Mount Elgon National Park

  • Mountain climbing
  • Hiking & nature walks
  • Bird watching
  • Rock climbing
  • Mountain biking
  • Archery
  • Cultural encounters

Accommodation in the park

There is a wide range of interesting accommodation options within and outside the park where you can stay on your trip. This ranges from budget, mid range and luxury lodges/camps, they include;

  • Lacem lodge
  • Sipi River lodge
  • Sipi fall Resort
  • Crown’s Nest Camp
  • Mount Elgon Hotel and Spa

How to get to Mount Elgon National Park

As earlier mentioned, Mount Elgon is found in the eastern region of Uganda, the park can be accessed by road with 4WD safari vehicle, and it takes about 7 to 8 hours road trip from Kampala city to Mountain Elgon national park. Upon arrival, check in at booked lodge for a dinner and overnight stay.

In case you are a nature lover, mountain Elgon national is the answer you need for your next road trip adventure, with the above guide, we wish you a unique experience in the park. For further more information, bookings or inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact us here at wild cruise safaris by sending an email on or call us directly on +256-775630809 or +256-701343598 to speak directly to our reservations team.

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