Ssezibwe Falls

Ssezibwe Falls

The Buganda kingdom is known for its amazing cultural heritage sites that exhibit the true authentic African culture. Ssezibwe falls is one of those unique and astounding culture sites in Buganda that a lot of people love to explore. This culture heritage is situated about 32 kilometers from Kampala in Mukono district. It is an off beaten attraction that can be visited on your way to Jinja- the adventure capital of East Africa.

Ssezibwe falls is under the management of Buganda culture and the Tourism department. The site is not only famous for the cultural and spiritual practices of the Baganda but it features a diversity of interesting features that attract a number of tourists. It features beautiful waterfalls that are formed as a result of water forcing its way through the small tidal opening with a high-pressure flow to pour into a large pool.

The falls is one of the major key attraction at this heritage site although it is also famous for the numerous rocks that have sharp edges, dwelling in the pool. While on a guided nature walk, you will as well encounter exciting primates like Vervet monkeys, white and black colobus monkeys, grey cheeked Mangabey among others. The walk also exposes you to a number of colorful bird species. Other animals in Ssezibwe falls include; the green Mambas, Cobras, Mongooses, horned adder, wild cats and otters among others.

Traditionally, the black river at Ssezibwe falls was regarded a favorite for the king of Buganda although it as well loved by traditional healers interested in performing cultural ceremonies, sacrifices for people seeking for children, good harvest and success in business. During the era of King (Kabaka) Mwanga II and Mutesa II, plants trees were planted in honor of the falls. You will encounter a bridge that crosses the Ssezibwe River where you will stand to experience and clearly observe the picturesque waterfalls at Ssezibwe.

Upon arrival to this place, you are welcomed by the ever-green tall trees, tall grasses rushing sounds of the falls, fresh natural airs and the mesmerizing sceneries. The place is operated by Ssezibwe falls resort company and there is a guide who takes you through a guide nature walk around the site while telling you about the legendary interesting stories behind the Heritage site.

Are you a picnic lover, bird lover or searching for cultural experience in Uganda? Ssezibwe falls has the answer you are looking for where you will not only get lost in the amazing Buganda culture but also appreciate the beauty of nature. Whether sole, family or group trip, you can drive on your own to explore the adventure wonders at this heritage site. Alternatively, rent a 4×4 safari vehicle with an exceptional driver guide to offer you unique experience at Ssezibwe falls. The tour can be combined with other intriguing attractions in jinja such as; white water rafting, jumping, primate walk in Mabira forest, kayaking, tubing among others.

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