Volcanoes National Park

Volcanoes National Park

Volcanoes National Park is located in the far northwest of Rwanda covering 160 kilometers of rainforest and consists of five of the eight volcanoes in the Virunga mountains and protects the steep slopes of the beautiful mountain. The volcanoes National Park is a natural habitant to the endangered mountain gorillas and plenty of the mosaic of montane eco system which is evergreen, bamboo forest, swamp, heath and open grassland.it was named after the chain of the dormant volcanoes which made up the Virunga massif Karisimbi Bisoke with its verdant crater lakes Sabinyo, Muhabura and Gahinga.

Mountain gorillas are tracked through the stunning intimacy of the rain forest which consists of over200 beautiful bird species with a number of Albertine rift endemics for bird watching and also chattering of the rare golden monkeys is the only safari experience done in the area. Volcanoes national park boarders the Buhanga Eco Park an ancient forest having Rwanda’s most thrilling folklore and the Musanze caves which were formed 62 million years ago after the last volcanic eruption.

The main reason for visiting volcanoes national park is to experience the gorilla trekking activity.it is a wonderful chance of sighting the gorillas in their natural habitants giving you life time experience. You can spend time with the gorillas with the help of the guides leading a small group of animals learning the gorilla life style.

There are a variety of gorilla families in volcanoes national park plus some habituated gorillas for tourism and others for research. You have to buy the gorilla permit from the wildlife authorities or from professional and licensed tour operators in advance so that to go for gorilla trekking without any inconveniences. however, each gorilla family is given a name depending on certain circumstances and it can be through a silver back. If a young silver back overcomes a dominant silver back, it steals the females from a group which is in place already and forms a new group.

Some of the gorilla families in volcanoes national park include the following;

Amahoro gorilla group

The phrase Amahoro means peaceful which is led by the calm Ubumwe. Amahoro gorilla group is situated uphill which needs you to climb a steep slope to reach their territories but some times the climb is not worth it.

Hirwa gorilla group

It came from the 13 different existing gorilla families including the Susa and the Sabinyo. The Munyinya silver back got others on the way after leaving Susa with two females and formed a group.

Sabinyo gorilla group

This gorilla group is managed by Guhonda and it was named after the volcano Mt Sabinyo. This group has few family members but it is an interesting family and is found near the park headquarters. However, if you don’t want to track for long distance you can go for this one in case it is available.

Kwitonda gorilla family

This gorilla group is managed by silver back Kwitonda which means humble one migrated from Democratic Republic of Congo and settled permanently in Rwanda.it is difficult to track because it is located far at the upper slopes of mountain Muhabura.

Agashya gorilla group

The name Agashya means change. This group had 13 members during the time of habituation but currently it has 25 members.

Volcanoes National Park is popular home for mountain gorillas in that they have put volcanoes national park to the world map so thanks go to the work of Dian and Fossey plus the movie of ‘gorilla in the mist’. The park harbors the stunning rare and endangered golden monkeys located in the Virunga Mountain.

Volcanoes National Park takes 2 hours’ drive from Kigali the capital of Rwanda and 30 minutes’ drive from the boarder of Uganda at Cyanika in Kisoro. You can also use the Akagera Aviation services for flight services.

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