Arua city

Arua city is located in the northern part of is the busiest commercial center in the northern region due to its nearness to the airport and it connects easily to the Entebbe international Airport. Arua city is approximately 440 kilometers to the north west of Kampala city and 195 kilometers to the west of Gulu city.

Arua: What the municipality can do to become a city | Monitor

Arua city is well-known as a home for the non-government organization because of the situation of the people living there. the situation forced people from different parts of the world to put their bases there to help them hence can go there visit and interact with them. It is also a preferred transport route for people going and supplying goods to Juba South Sudan.

You can get a chance to enjoy a variety of the fascinating tourist attractions in Arua city and they include Ajai wildlife reserve and Kidepo valley national park which consists of quite a large amount of wildlife like the colobus monkeys, baboons, white rhinos, leopards and so many other bird species, the Kei and wati mountains giving you a beautiful scenery suitable for hiking and campsites along the Nile banks at tangi gate in Arua city.

Arua city also has many rivers which attract tourists and they include river Ola, Kochi river, Enyau river, Acha river with more different fishing villages favorable for sport fishing. It has a wide range of infrastructures plus the education facilities such as MUBS, Muni university, Bugema university, Islamic university and UCU, hospitals like Arua hospital and accommodation facilities like white rhino hotel, desert breeze hotel, pacific hotel and many others for dinner and overnight stay in Arua city.

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