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Hire a driver for your Uganda Safari, If you are planning to explore Uganda this season, and you are still wondering how to go about your Uganda Safari, then we argue you to consider renting a self drive car and hire a driver to get you around the interesting Uganda safari destination. At Jeisking Tours Ltd, we are sure you have come to the right place where you get chance to enjoy a wide range of car rental services including Hire a drive.

Even if you want to visit the national parks, short excursion around town, hotels or popular attractions around Uganda, we can be of a great importance to offer you affordable, reliable and flexible driver hire services in Uganda. If you want to hire a driver for an airport transfer either to the hotel or for the guided tour to the safari destinations whichever case it maybe you are assured with the high-class services.

We advise travelers to hire a driver especially if its is your first time to Uganda due to the fact that you may not have enough knowledge about the routes and the roads terrain of the country. Hire driver services saves you from the challenges you may encounter during a self drive like spending long time on the road because you may not know where the short cuts are, getting lost during the road trip and if unlucky meeting the fraudsters.

We can offer you well trained, licensed and experienced professional drivers in Uganda who can assure you safety and time management during your safari. Our drivers can make you reach in time since they have enough knowledge about most of the places in Uganda which you may not know and some are not included on the GPS in case you decide to use it. Such places include the short cuts to the national parks, the Kampala city plus other popular safari destinations in Uganda and also the driver can provide you with the information concerning the place you have decided to visit.

Your hired driver can provide you with some extra care services such as fixing the mechanical problems in case they happen, cleaning the car and so many other extra cares that may arise during your road trip to the safari destination in Uganda.

To hire a driver for your next road trip, you can contact our travel consultant team on info@gorillaugandasafaribookings.com or call us directly on +256-775630809 or +256-701343598  to speak directly to our reservations team.

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