Best Rental Camping Cars To Hire For Safari In Uganda

Best rental camping cars to hire for safari in Uganda

Best rental camping cars to hire for safari in Uganda : Camping is among the most adventurous outdoor activity that involves spending an overnight  in the tent,  chatting and relating with each other over a camp fires as you listen to sounds of the crickets plus wildlife noise in the Jungle. Expect to wake up to songs of the various birds species as well as a morning beautiful breeze that makes camping safaris extremely an amazing and a unique tourist adventure.

What to pack for a Camping Safari in Uganda?

Camping safari requires you to pack a list of camping gears that favor your dreamlife safari experience in Uganda. These include; luggage and camping equipment’s like safari chairs and tables, tents, cooking gas, mattresses, kitchen utensils, blankets among the rest. You have to hire a car which fits all your passenger and camping gear.

Here at Jeisking tours ltd we have organized affordable and reliable camping safaris in Uganda for years and for all sorts of travelers therefore we pride in that. We can offer you the best camping safari to any destination of your choice ever dreamed of to explore. 

Here below; we present you the best cars to hire for a Uganda camping safari:

Camper van

It is the most famous car for camping resembles a moving house well equipped with an inbuilt cooking stove, beds, fridge, TV, radio plus enough space for cargo and passengers. This camping safari car is the most expensive but also the most comfortable and safest in all the camping safari cars.

Safari Land cruiser

Simply this is a 4×4-wheel drive which can manage any kind of terrain making it a famous car for tourist who go exploring remote destinations like the national parks and also places out side the city like Jinja, Fort Portal, Mbale mention but a few. The safari land cruiser features a functioning air conditioner, pop-roof, freezer and enough leg room space. It also has enough space for relaxation and for the camping gears. You can drive this car while heads off compared to a camper van.

Camper cruiser

It is also a good car to hire for your Uganda camping safari. The cruiser features a roof-top tent which you can mount in few minutes. With this car you just need to hire other camping gears since it has a mounted tent so that to save is also good to travelers who are afraid of the wild animals on the ground.

Rav 4

Rav 4 is commonly used for people who have a budget plan for their is an affordable car which can fit both the luggage and the passenger. The van can handle all sorts of terrain with enough space for the cargo. This van is the cheapest rental car best for self drive in Uganda and you can get it at US$ 35 per day.

Land cruiser Prado

Land cruiser Prado is the most common rental car in Uganda and mainly hired for the park tours, leisure and business trips plus camping safaris in accommodates maximum 5 people and it is good for the features a trunk for loading your camping equipment’s and some of the cargo. It is also cheap in terms of cargo.

If you are planning to travel to Uganda for camping safari and would love to hire a car plus camping gear for your safari, we at Jeisking Tours Ltd we are glad to render you our good, reliable and affordable services. Contact us on  or call us directly on +256-775630809 or +256-701343598  to speak directly to our reservations team

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