Uganda Safari Booking

Uganda Safari Booking

Uganda Safari Booking : We are glad to inform you that Uganda is one of the most significant tourist destinations in Africa at large. She is blessed with a wide range of mesmerizing wildlife in her 10 national parks, incredible tropical rain forests that support them, beautiful lakes and rivers, the evergreen environment, balanced season (dry and wet) and above all, Uganda is a renown home to very beautiful and hospitable people which you experience as soon as you reach the airport. For all the above reasons Winston Churchill came up with a wonderful name “the Pearl of Africa” and indeed Uganda is the “Pearl of Africa”. She is a land locked country in east Africa boarded by Kenya in east, DR Congo in west, Tanzania in south and south Sudan in North.

How to Book a Safari Holiday in Uganda | Booking a Uganda Tour Package

In the article below, we are more than delightful to present you all about Uganda safaris;

Are you, a researcher, leisure or a business traveler, searching for a honey moon vacation?  With a lot of pleasure, Jeisking Tours Ltd welcomes you to groove on an unforgettable Uganda safari with no worries at all. We delight in organizing packages for honeymooners, group travelers, back backers, sole travelers, business travelers depending on their budget.

Booking a Uganda safari is among the important steps a traveler takes to manifest their genuine interest in enjoying a Uganda safari. You are always requested to book early enough like 6 months in advance depending on what you would love to experience on your trip to Uganda. However, when organizing a trip to Uganda we are so glad to inform you that the country is blessed with quite a number of breath-taking national parks situated in different parts equipped with wonderful wildlife and various activities can be done

Uganda safari booking - Gorilla Trekking Uganda

The ten parks are; Kidepo valley National Park the most remote, Murchison Falls National Park oldest and largest also renown for the mighty Murchison falls followed by Queen Elizabeth National Park home to the tree climbing lions and second largest, Lake Mburo National the smallest savannah park in Uganda popular for unique wildlife species, Kibale National Park also known as the “Primate Capital of East Africa” with over one thousand five hundred chimpanzees and a great birding site, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park home to almost half of the world’s remaining gorillas, Mgahinga National Park also with one gorilla family, Semuliki National Park renown for its amazing hot springs, Mountain Rwenzori is snow capped and finally Mountain Elgon a home to the third highest peak in Africa where you can as well see the Sipi falls and forest elephants.

Almost all Uganda’s national parks are located in the western part of the country apart from only two such as Kidepo Valley National Park and Murchison Falls National Park in the North. However, the eastern part of the country is as well tourism significant blessed with breathtaking volcanic mountains such as mountain Elgon and Rwenzori

All Uganda’s national parks offer a unique experience that is a signature to your memories. On a Uganda safari, you can enjoy various activities compared to the national parks get chance to reach. Activities include, wildlife viewing, boat cruise, horse riding, walking safaris, cycling, canoe ride, day and night game drives, birding, chimpanzee trekking and so many more. Gorilla trekking is the key and crucial activity done in Uganda, this is because the country is home to almost half of the world’s remaining gorillas in Bwindi Forest. Various travelers from different parts of the world come to Uganda for that wonderful experience besides chimpanzee trekking.

Interestingly, apart from the ten national parks you can enjoy in the pearl of Africa, there are extra adventurous places you can as well not miss out while on a Uganda and they include; Ngamba Island on lake Victoria harboring  rescued and orphan chimpanzees, Ziwa Rhino sanctuary the only home to rhinos in Uganda (rhino tracking is $50 per person), jinja for white water rafting on the longest river in the world (the Nile River) and horse riding, lake Bunyonyi the deepest lake in Africa dotted with 29 beautiful islands and you can enjoy canoe ride. 

How to make a Uganda safari booking

When it comes to booking especially a gorilla trekking safari in Uganda, the steps are really costly in terms of expense, time to travelers who book directly. Any traveler who would love to experience gorilla trekking needs a gorilla trekking permit to engage in the activity. This is a document issued to all travelers who are to enjoy gorilla trekking in gorilla parks of the country such as Mgahinga forest and Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

Booking Bwindi Gorilla Permit - Eco Adventure Safaris

It should be noted that gorilla trekking is best enjoyed in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park with four sectors that harbor 17 gorilla families in the park. Interestingly, the Uganda Wildlife Authority issues out permits for all the sectors and the highest number of people allowed per gorilla family per day is 8 and the permit is only used once

All the travelers who delight in this wonderful activity are always granted only one hour to spend with the gorillas after locating them. On the side of gorilla habituation experience, it is different because you are given 4 hours to be with the gorilla family

It is very crucial to note that you are advised to do booking for a gorilla safari 6 months before your date of travel, this helps you get chance to trek in the greatest gorilla trekking sector Buhoma located in Bwindi impenetrable National Park. The gorilla trekking permit is always on a high demand and so competitive by multiple travelers especially during the dry season because this is when tourism in Uganda is at its highest peak. It should be noted that permits in Buhoma sector are difficult to get if at all a traveler does not make early booking, this is because it is the best trekking sector in Bwindi Forest so every traveler really prefers it. However, the same applies to other sectors such as Nkuringo, Rushaga and Ruhija. Please avoid last minute booking as this becomes hard to plan and arrange for the best of you Uganda Safari.

Accommodation booking on a gorilla safari always depends on the sector one is going to do gorilla trekking in as well as a gorilla family. It is really tiresome if your booked lodge is not in that particular sector where you are to do trekking from. This calls for waking up very early in the morning to the park headquarters for briefing whereby sometimes a traveler can miss it out due to late organizing hence making it very inconveniencing and frustrating. In this, a traveler is called upon to do an early booking so that such issues are avoided and you enjoy the best Uganda safari ever in your history.

It is true that other safari activities in Uganda do not need permit booking but they as well require booking in advance more so in the peak season of tourism in Uganda (dry season, December to February then June and July). Such activities include; African cultural Uganda safari, wildlife viewing in Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda city tour safaris to mention but a few. You want to have the best Uganda safari? Make bookings in advance and this with no doubt helps in proper arrangements for an unforgettable adventure without any compromise.

What is the cost of a Uganda safari booking?

A guide about booking a safari to Uganda - Pamoja Tours and Travel

Costs of a Uganda safari booking always depends on what you love viewing or experiencing on your marvelous trip. If a traveler is interested in gorilla trekking, the permit is $ 700 per person for the permit, about the gorilla habituation experience, it is $ 1500 each person per day. The above prices have inclusive such as the park ranger guide, park entry fees as well, as the experience itself

The other Uganda safaris and the entire package of a gorilla trekking experience depend on the accommodation a traveler has decided to use, extra safari activities one would love to delight in, transportation facilities and a number of days.

Are you planning a superb Uganda safari? Do not get stuck looking for a company that will give you a massive one. Get in touch with Jeisking Tours Ltd for a lifetime and exclusive adventure in the Pearl of Africa. You dream of a wonderful trip, we absolutely make it come true beyond your expectations. For more inquiries, contact our travel experts team on or call us directly on +256-775630809 or +256-701343598  to speak directly to our reservations team.

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